Accountant – Sajaya Home Healthcare Co.


The Accountant provides support to senior accountants. Follows the direction of the  Account Manager. Responsible for reviewing the monthly payroll details and other staff  costs and ensuring the correctness and validity of the payments to be made to each  individual hospital staff.  


2.1. Reviews monthly payroll transactions of existing and new hires including staff  movements, terminations, status changes, deductions, rate changes, retroactive  adjustments, and special pay; 

2.2. Ensures accurate and timely monthly reconciliation of banking transactions for all  bank accounts maintained by the organization to ensure timely completion of  financial reports; 

2.3. Verifies the reliability and accuracy of bank balances in the general ledger and trial  balance, and recommended adjusting entries to bring the general ledger balance to  its correct position; 

2.4. Investigates and follow up on all outstanding items on bank reconciliation  statements with responsible persons and various departments within the  organization; 

2.5. Prepares reports in compliance with established policies and regulations. 

2.6. Implements the instructions issued by the CFOAccount Manager regarding the  registration of accounts in accordance with the financial control policies and  procedures approved by the company. 

2.7. Maintains all records, documents, and accounting books according to the company’s  financial system on the computer

2.8. Prepares the trial balance with the statements and balances attached to it with the  totals and balances 

2.9. Performs monthly settlements, prepares bank reconciliations, and prepares a report thereon. 

2.10. Records all the registration documents in their respective accounts in accordance  with the computer systems and programs applied in the sector on the basis of the accounting cycle. 

2.11. Checks the payroll and wages statements before approving and disbursing them and  making sure of all the attachments 

2.12. Oversees all documents issued and incoming to the Finance Department and  ensures that they are correct and that they contain the necessary signatures and attachments. 

2.13. Participates in quality improvement activities as needed. 

2.14. Participates in committees as assigned. 

Job Details

Posted Date: 2023-12-04
Job Location: Saudi Arabia – Riyadh
Job Role: Accounting and Auditing
Company Industry: Healthcare, other

Preferred Candidate

Degree: Bachelor’s degree